Creamy Blueberry Coconut Overnight Oats

Creamy Blueberry Coconut Overnight Oats
Creamy Blueberry Coconut Overnight Oats


Hi loves! This is the easiest breakfast recipe ever! Even better, you make it the night before, so it’s ready to eat when you wake up.  It’s quick, convenient and did I mention it takes like a dessert?!  You have to try it!


1/4 cup steel cut oats (you can use old fashioned oats, but I love the texture of the steel cut.  If you choose to use old fashioned, make sure that they’re not quick cooking or instant)

1/4 cup unsweetened original almond milk

1/4 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

2 tsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. unsweetened shredded coconut

1 tsp. pure maple syrup

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries


I use mason jars for my overnight oats, but as long as you have some kind of container with an airtight lid you’ll be fine.  Add the oats, almond milk, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, coconut, vanilla and blueberries to the container of your choice.

Put the lid on and shake until everything is well combined.  Put it in the refrigerator before bedtime, and it’ll be ready to eat when you wake up.



Zesty Tuna Zucchini Pasta Salad (Gluten-Free)

Hi guys!  If your trying to stay away from gluten and/or carbs in the evening then you’re gonna love this quick, easy recipe!  I used my Spirooli to make zucchini pasta, but if you don’t have one, a vegetable peeler will work just fine to create that pasta like shape.


4 medium zucchini

1 large red bed pepper sliced

1/2 cup thinly sliced onion

1/2 cup diced celery

(1) 6.4 ounce package of White Albacore Tuna

1 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp. Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil Garlic seasoning

Juice of 1/2 lemon


Use a Spirooli or vegetable peeler to create zucchini “pasta”.  Place in a large bowl and add the red bell peppers, onions, celery and tuna.  In a small bowl add the lemon, Mrs. Dash seasoning and olive oil. Whisk until combined and pour over the salad.  Toss everything together and serve.

Serves two.
Serves two 🙂



Quick and Delicious Gluten Free Tomato Basil Pizza

Gluten Free Tomato Basil Pizza
Gluten Free Tomato Basil Pizza


This recipe couldn’t be simpler! I’m not going to give exact measurements, because it really depends on personal preference.  I just wanted to share this easy way to make a healthier option for pizza night.  Brown rice wraps work perfectly for the crust, and the best part is that everyone gets their own personal pizza.  Add whatever toppings you want!  This is what I used:


Brown Rice Wraps

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pam

Dried Oregano

Sea salt

Black Pepper

Homemade Spicy Marinara Sauce or jarred marinara sauce of your choice

1/4 cup low fat Mozzarella Cheese

Handful of fresh basil chopped or torn

A few slices of fresh Tomato


Preheat a toaster oven to 350 degrees.  Spray both sides of your brown rice wrap with Pam and sprinkle each side with sea salt, black pepper and dried oregano.  Place wrap on a baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes until it starts crisping up just a bit.  Take it out and add your sauce, cheese, tomatoes and basil.  Sprinkle the top with a little black pepper and sea salt if desired.  Put it back in the oven and cook for an additional 10-15 minutes until the cheese is melted.  Now you can slice it up just like regular pizza! Hope you give it a try!

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Spicy Marinara Sauce

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I love making my own marinara sauce and storing it in mason jars to use whenever I need it.  This recipe is super easy!  It has a little kick to it, so if you’re not a fan of spice then just cut back on the crushed red and black pepper.


1 28 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes with no salt added

2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 medium onion diced

5 cloves of garlic minced

1 stalk celery sliced

1 medium carrot sliced

¼ tsp. crushed red pepper

½ tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. dried basil

½ tsp. dried oregano

¼ tsp. dried parsley

1 tsp. sea salt

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder


Heat the olive oil in a large pot on medium high heat and add the onions, celery, carrots, salt, crushed red pepper, black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.  Reduce heat to medium and sauté for about 6-8 minutes.  Add the garlic and the rest of the spices and cook for an additional 5 minutes stirring frequently.  Add the tomatoes and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes until all the flavors are absorbed into the sauce.  Turn off the heat and use an immersion blender to puree the sauce.  You can use a regular blender if you don’t have an immersion blender, just do it in 2-3 batches so the blender isn’t overfilled.  Now you can store your sauce in mason jars or an airtight Tupperware in the refrigerator.  It lasts up to two weeks.

Spicy Marinara Sauce
Spicy Marinara Sauce